McIntyre Alligator Shears

McIntyre Recycling Systems

McIntyre alligator shears are the gold standard in recycling systems and services, with 27,000 machines installed worldwide and a reputation for the widest and best-performing range of solutions for metal, cars, waste and aluminum.

With scrap metal roots extending back to 1872, McIntyre has an unrivaled understanding of the challenges faced by scrap merchants, waste managers, wreckers, manufacturers, foundry managers and others with recycling responsibilities.

As a result, the McIntyre name has become synonymous with innovative, problem-solving designs, robust products that deliver the best return on investment, and knowledgeable, friendly and helpful service.

Why Choose McIntyre Alligator Shears

  • It is supported & sold in North America by Bladecore.
  • Widest range of alligator shears on the market
  • Appropriate for any size of scrap metal, demolition or car recycling operation
  • Great value
  • High performance
  • Quality build
  • Stringent testing
  • Expert operational advice
  • Rapid response service team
  • Large stock of spare parts
  • Minimum downtime
  • Best return on investment


McIntyre 320 Shear

McIntyre Brochure:

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