Meet Us

At BladeCore, we’ve put together a team focused on serving our customer by providing great blades, being there when you need us, and standing behind what we sell.

We will do that, it’s our CORE.


Our People

Jay McDevitt
Jay McDevitt

Jay lives in Duluth, MN, is married, and has 4 young sons. Jay grew up the son of a hardworking steel worker and has held managerial positions in the sales and service fields in his past. His degree is in Organizational Management, but his focus has always been customer service. As Division Manager of BladeCore, Jay will make sure you are taken care of and your expectations are exceeded.

Leah Glucoft

Leah resides in Vancouver, WA an outlying city of Portland, OR. Leah grew up in the scrap business and knows her way around a scrap yard. She has a wealth of experience ranging from sales to people placement. Not only can she relate to her customers; she is always willing to go the extra mile. Give Leah a call today to help you with your Mobile Shear Blade needs.

Dave Fodor
Dave Fodor

Dave lives in Youngstown, OH, is married, and has 2 daughters.  Dave has more than 10 years of sales experience in the construction and steel markets of Western PA and Northeastern Ohio. Dave is customer focused, goal oriented and highly motivated. Call Dave today for all of your Mobile Shear Blade needs, he will make sure you are well taken care of.

Betsy McDevitt

Betsy lives in Duluth, MN with her husband and 4 sons. She has a
diversified background ranging from the Construction and Design industries
to Sales & Marketing. She believes great customer service involves
building relationships centered on honesty, integrity, and trust. Betsy is
excited to connect her customers to the products they‘re looking for at

Ryan Coslov

Ryan lives in Alexandria, VA with his wife Katie and their 2 dogs and has been around scrap metal recycling his whole life.  Ryan has years of experience working directly with customers in the recycling industry and is passionate about providing them with the best blades in the world.  Over and above that though, relationship building and service are where Ryan really shows his true colors.

 Bruce Bacon
Bruce Bacon

Bruce lives in Duluth, MN, is married, has a son and daughter, a stepson, and grand kids. He’s an older guy in the corner who knows how to do one thing–hire great people and let them take care of business by supporting their decisions and making sure they have what they need. He helps give them the product and tools necessary to provide customers with what they want– a relationship with people and a company that just does the right thing, offers a great product, admits when we are wrong, and takes care of the issue.

He’ll never be able to leave the scrap industry, it’s in his blood. The funny thing is, He’s never owned a scrap yard, but sure likes being around them and likes the people he’s met over the past 25 years. Plus, no industry has better or more colorful stories and characters along with some of the smartest and most philanthropic people on the planet. It’s also an industry that is always willing to give someone a chance. He could never leave it, it’s in his core.






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