Keeping the Ol’ Girl Happy

By Jay McDevitt

Mobile shears can sometimes be like a high maintenance girlfriend.  They’re great to have around, provide a lot of value, are great to look at, but they require a lot of work and constant maintenance. 

Buying quality blades for your shear is very important.  It’s one less thing you have to worry about on your shear.  That said, it isn’t enough.  Operators and maintenance professionals often have other issues with the shear that they’re trying to address like hard surfacing practices, installing wear plates on the jaw of the shear, the proper torque loads on bolts, the best cutting practices and what to avoid, and addressing many more unforeseen circumstances that arise along the way.

At BladeCore®, we’re really good at what we do because of the decades of experience that we as a company have manufacturing and maintaining mobile shears.  Our team has built thousands of shears over the years and rebuilt hundreds more.  Through that experience we haven’t just learned about what a great blade is, we’ve learned lots of other cool stuff along the way too.  Our team of sales and service professionals take pride in offering our customers practical advice on many different elements of the maintenance process so you can keep working.

So, the next time you need a little bit of counseling on your high maintenance girlfriend, give us a shout. We’ve been there!

(I hear some of you out there complaining so the next blog will be on Boyfriend maintenance and Leah and Betsy will write it. We’re equal opportunity here.)

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