Over the past few months, we have been highlighting a member of our #BladeCore team on social media. This amazing team is focused on making your experience with replacing blades the best ever. 

Get to know Jay

#BladeCoreTeam Jay

And who better to celebrate on April 1, then our fearless leader, Jay McDevitt – BladeCore® Division Manager.

Fun facts about Jay:
1. Jay has an OCD habit where he counts how many letters are in words
2. He still thinks it fun to climb trees, get sprayed with a hose, and follow his teenagers off ski jumps or rope swings
3. Jay admits that a tear or two might be shed while watching a good chick flick – Notebook anyone?
4. He’s a germophobe and probably has multiple antibacterial wipes in his house right now and NO he will not sell you any.
5. Jay once bet his 10-year-old that he couldn’t eat a giant hunk of Wasabi for $5 and gave him $10 after he puked…lesson puke and you can double your money
6. Jay and his wife, Betsy – another fellow blade slinger – are proud parents to 4 sons

BladeCore® is Jay’s baby and working here has been the most rewarding career experience he’s ever had – meeting the people, getting to know them, serving them, and eventually becoming good friends that makes it all worthwhile.

“It’s not that difficult really. Be honest, have your customer’s values first, earn trust every day, be yourself, and most importantly…have fun.”

Get to know Brenda

#BladeCoreTeam Brenda

Brenda is BladeCore’s Inside Sales Specialist, the voice you might hear when you call the office direct and you might even catch her walking main street during lunch if you are stopping by the facility!

Brenda loves working with the BladeCore® team and supporting their sales efforts, helping our customers get the most out of their blades and orders, and she always ensures your requests are handled quickly. We all agree – we couldn’t do the things we do at BladeCore® without Brenda keeping everything organized. We know our customers in are good hands when they work with Brenda.

When she’s not supporting the team, you can find Brenda embracing all of the Wisconsin seasons – fall, summer, winter, spring – she loves them all! She enjoys being active – running half marathons, going on biking adventures with her husband, kayaking, skiing and snowshoeing. All perfect activities when you live in Wisconsin. Additionally, she loves to travel and is on her way to Texas today to run a half marathon! She also enjoys hiking out in Oregon with her son.

Get to know Leah

#BladeCoreTeam Leah

Meet Leah – Leah has been working in the scrap industry for the past three years – but she’s no stranger to the industry. Her grandfather, father, uncle, and brother were and are in the industry. Leah stated that “it’s my calling” and we certainly are glad it is! Her knowledge and relationships she builds with her customers embodies everything we value at BladeCore®.

Leah’s happy to call BladeCore® her home (and we are too) and she truly enjoys serving her customer. In March, Leah was promoted to Regional Business Manager for both ShearCore® and BladeCore®.  Read more

When she’s not working, Leah says she’s “just” a mom – aka taxi driver, chef, maid, teacher’s assistance and all the other roles moms fill on a daily basis.She LOVES sporting events, concerts, and shopping – always searching for that perfect deal!

Recently she was lucky enough to attend the Rose Bowl where she got to see her Ducks take home a victory. She cherishes her lifelong friendships, which have become like family.

Get to know Ryan

#BladeCoreTeam Ryan

Ryan Coslov is the Southeast Regional Territory Manager and got his start in the scrap industry at a young age growing up in the Steel City of Pittsburgh.

When he’s not out getting to know his new and current customers, he loves spending time with his family – his wife, Katie and his daughter, Ruby and their fur family. Ryan takes great pride in the relationships he’s built in the industry over time and is grateful for the customers who have become lifelong friends.

Updated: Ryan and wife Katie welcomed a new child, Oliver in 2020. 

Get to know Betsy

#BladeCoreteam Betsy

Betsy McDevitt is the Midwest Territory Manager and brings high energy and positivity everywhere she goes!

When she’s not out visiting customers 👷‍♀️, she enjoys spending time with her family 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦, hiking 🚶‍♀️, fishing 🐠 or creating new healthy foods 🍲 for her family.

You can’t help but be uplifted when spending time with her! She’s a great listener, a bit of a smart a$$, and has the biggest heart!

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