About Us

The Story of BladeCore

Driving Efficiency in Metal Cutting

Exodus Global’s inception of BladeCore® was driven by the need to enhance the efficiency of cutting metal, a challenging task in the scrap metal and demolition industry.

Expertise in Blades and Metallurgies

With a deep understanding of the industry, we possess expert knowledge on blades and what truly excels. Extensive investments in time and resources have allowed us to determine the most effective metallurgies and optimal heat treatment processes, backed by solid reasoning.


Global Partnerships with Top Manufacturers

Through years of dedicated effort, we have cultivated invaluable partnerships with the world’s top blade manufacturers. BladeCore® stands as a testament to our extensive knowledge and experience. However, what sets BladeCore® apart is our unwavering commitment to listening to our customers. They have voiced their desire for more than just exceptional products, and we have taken their feedback to heart.

BladeCore Warehouse

BladeCore®: A Testament to Knowledge and Experience

BladeCore ensures a seamless customer experience by providing a dedicated point of contact who guarantees reliable and exceptional service. Our commitment to customer care is unwavering, allowing our clients to have complete confidence in our support. We firmly believe that quality alone is insufficient without the foundation of premium service and strong relationships.

Exodus Global Family of Companies

BladeCore is part of the Exodus Global companies, which also includes ShearCore, OilQuick Americas, Connect Work Tools,  and RockZone Americas. Exodus Global is a family-owned company headquartered in Superior, WI, with additional locations in Cleburne, TX and Bellefonte, PA. 

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