About Us

The Story of BladeCore

Driving Metal Cutting Efficiency

Exodus Global launched BladeCore® to tackle the challenges of metal cutting in the scrap and demolition industries. We bring deep expertise in blades and metallurgy, focusing on the best materials and heat treatments to deliver outstanding performance. Our relentless pursuit of excellence has established BladeCore® as a leader in the industry.


Our strong partnerships with premier blade manufacturers worldwide underscore our commitment to quality. Listening to our customers is at the heart of what we do, ensuring we meet and exceed their expectations.


Exceptional Service and Support

Many issues with shears stem from blade maintenance. Our service teams are experts in recommending best practices for shimming and blade replacement, extending the life of both blades and tools.


We provide comprehensive training materials and can schedule sessions to educate operators and mechanics. Our service extends beyond blades—we’re here to help with hydraulic and structural issues too.


We don’t stop at just the blades!


BladeCore® ensures a seamless customer experience by providing a dedicated point of contact who guarantees reliable and exceptional service. Our commitment to customer care is unwavering, allowing our clients to have complete confidence in our support. We firmly believe that quality alone is insufficient without the foundation of premium service and strong relationships.

Exodus Global Family of Companies

BladeCore is part of the Exodus Global companies, which also includes ShearCore, OilQuick Americas, Connect Work Tools,  and RockZone Americas. Exodus Global is a family-owned company headquartered in Superior, WI, with additional locations in Cleburne, TX and Bellefonte, PA. 

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