ABOUT US - Our Story of BladeCore

Cutting metal is hard. For some, like our founder Bruce Bacon, increasing the efficiency of this process for the scrap metal and demolition industries is all he’s ever known.

Back to the first days of working for Roy LaBounty 30 years ago, to founding and operating Genesis Attachments for many years, and then going on to his final project: Putting it all together and pouring all his knowledge into his final companies – BladeCore® and ShearCore®.

BladeCore Warehouse

Bruce and many others on our team have been around the block. When it comes to blades, we know what’s the best because we’ve tried them.

We’ve put in the time and spent the money to know what metallurgies are the most effective. Which heat treatment processes are the best, and why.

We’ve spent decades building relationships with some of the best blade manufacturers in the world. BladeCore® is a collection of that knowledge and experience.

Do we sell quality stuff? For sure we do. Ask us, and we’ll tell you it’s the best out there.

The difference with BladeCore® though is that we’ve listened to our customers and they tell us that they’re looking for more than that.

They’re looking to make one phone call to a person they trust and know that they’re going to be taken care of. That’s our pledge to our customers.

Quality without premium service and relationships is like peanut butter without jelly.

We’re out to make the BladeCore® experience the best damn PB & J our customers have ever had.

BladeCore is part of the Exodus Global companies, which also includes ShearCore, OilQuick Americas, RockZone Americas, and Connect Work Tools. Exodus Global is a family-owned company located in Superior, WI.  

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