#BladeCore Swag

The Story behind our BladeCore Swag social media contest.
By Tonya Land


A couple months ago Betsy approached me about an idea of seeing our customers out doing the things they love while wearing a BladeCore® hat or shirt. A quick brainstorming session and the idea of #BladeCoreSwag was born. With the primary goal of having the BladeCore® team interact with their customers to encourage them to post a picture wearing their BladeCore® swag.

We loved watching all the pictures and the conversations we were able to have with our customers about capturing the perfect selfie in their BladeCore® swag.

We saw families, babies, and even dogs wearing BladeCore® swag.

Roger from Napuck Salvage in Wisconsin was our first winner and received customized swag for his family – which included Carhartt bibs for his adorable daughter.

Our second winner of the Yeti cooler was Peter Van Houten from Bob’s Metals, Inc. He sent in a great picture of white river rafting. Unfortunately, we heard he lost his hat after the picture was captured. (Guess we better include a new hat with his Yeti cooler.)

BladeCore® is so much more than replacement blades for mobile and stationary shears. Yes, we believe that our replacement blades are the best on the market and will increase your productivity. But more importantly, BladeCore® is about getting to know you, your team, your family, and your company.

BladeCore® is YOUR partner. We take the time to understand which BladeCore® blade is the perfect fit for your application.

So, for us, BladeCore® swag was a great way to highlight our amazing customers and our BladeCore® family. (I mean didn’t the picture of Ryan – our Southeast Territory Manager – and his daughter Ruby bring a smile to your face?)

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first #BladeCoreSwag photo contest. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

And remember, the next time your mobile or stationary shears need new blades contact the BladeCore® Team.

Bummed you didn’t have any BladeCore® swag to promote…we’ve got an easy solution, contact us today to see how you can get your own swag!

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