Leah Glucoft, Regional Business Manager

Embracing Excellence: Leah Glucoft, the Heart of BladeCore

BladeCore, a leading force for mobile and stationary shear blades, owes much of its success to individuals like Leah Glucoft, the Regional Business Manager who embodies the company’s commitment to customer care and ethical practices. Leah’s mantra, echoing the sentiment of a popular saying, is that at BladeCore, “When you’re here, you’re family.”

In a world that is far from perfect, Leah emphasizes the importance of communication and doing the right thing, even when it’s challenging. This philosophy, rooted in integrity, has become a driving force behind BladeCore’s exceptional customer service. The company’s uniqueness lies not just in its top-notch products but in the dedicated team that keeps the dream alive.

Leah’s journey with BladeCore has seen her relocate from the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon, to the serene landscapes of Billings, Montana, accompanied by her husband and their cat. Despite the cold Montana winters, Leah finds solace and joy in the warmth of the summers, indulging in her passion for golf with her husband on the picturesque courses.

When not jet-setting for work, Leah cherishes the simple pleasures of life. Montana’s breathtaking sunsets hold a special place in her heart, providing a tranquil backdrop to unwind after a bustling day. Beyond the world of blades and business, Leah’s love for live events shines through. From the electric energy of live music to the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere of sporting events, Leah is game for it all. Her adventurous spirit is a testament to BladeCore’s vibrant company culture.

Leah Glucoft not only excels in her role as a Regional Business Manager but also brings a zest for life that resonates with the core values of BladeCore. Her dedication to customer satisfaction, coupled with a vibrant personal life, makes Leah an integral part of what makes BladeCore exceptional. In every blade sold and every customer served, Leah’s passion and commitment leave an indelible mark on the heart of BladeCore.

BladeCore, part of the privately owned Exodus Global family headquartered in Superior, WI, provides blades for ShearCore’s Fortress Shears. Exodus Global comprises BladeCore, Connect Work Tools, OilQuick Americas, RockZone Americas, and ShearCore.

Leah Glucoft with her family
Leah Glucoft with her family
Leah and her husband, Jeff
Leah and her husband, Jeff
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