BladeCore announces the NiCore premium blade series

Superior, WI – BladeCore is a supplier of high-quality mobile shear and stationary shear blades and is proud to announce the release of their new NiCore premium blade series.  Made from their specialized high-alloy material with a 4% Nickel content, these blades are yielding an average of 60-80% longer per edge than a standard blade. 

During a trial with almost 75 customers, over 90% concluded that they preferred blades comprised of this material because of the additional output of processed scrap.  

A customer from Pennsylvania claims, “We used to go through 2 or more blade kits a year and we’re down to 1 now, which is huge.  The additional savings from less down time is also great for us.” 

NiCore blades are currently available through BladeCore for Fortress, Genesis, and LaBounty shears as well as many other types of stationary shears.

Jay McDevitt, BladeCore Division Manager, indicates “We’ve never seen blade life like this on a blade before. These NiCore blades will redefine blade life expectations in the scrap metal and demo industries.”

BladeCore, a division of Exodus Machines, offers top quality replacement blades for mobile and stationary shears as well as direct sales and service support. BladeCore specializes in replacement blades including blades for Fortress, Genesis and LaBounty shears, and stationary shears including Sierra, Copex, Harris, Metso, and Bonfigilioli shears. BladeCore is the exclusive blade provider for ShearCore’s Fortress mobile shears and concrete processors.

Contact us today to learn more about the NiCore premium blades. 

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